Airport Eats

Name Description
Rituals Restaurant/Roti Hut

Contact: 592 225 7431 /592 227 3802 

Roti Hut/Rituals Coffee is located outside the Check-in Hall and Greeter’s Hall of the airport.

Roti Hut/Rituals Coffee offers a wide array of snacks and beverages to satisfy your taste buds.

These include; sandwiches, pastries, hot and cold beverages such as chillers, smoothies, drink, water, juices, tea and coffee.

Need to grab a bite, something to sip on or something to satisfy your thirst? Visit the Rituals/Roti Hut.

Lotus Intl. Restaurant
Address: CJIA Lawns
Telephone: 261 2867 / 261 4503

The Lotus Restaurant is located on the outer lawns of CJIA. This restaurant prepares breakfast

buffet style, lunch (Creole and non Creole), dinner and also offers a mouth watering variety of

delicacies both vegetarian and non vegetarian style. These include sandwiches, pastries, pizza,

and burgers. Added to that, Lotus provides confectioneries, packaged snacks, coffee, tea and

alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Whether it’s for your dining pleasure or to hangout, visit the Lotus Restaurant.

The Eldorado Bar
Address: CJIA Departure Lounge 
Telephone: 261 2009 / 265 6000  

The El Dorado Bar is located in the airport’s Departures Lounge.

At the El Dorado Bar you can enjoy both alcoholic and non-alcohol beverages in a relaxed atmosphere.

For side eatables they have burgers, hot dogs, packaged snacks  and confectioneries.

If you have the urge to sip on something while in the Departures Lounge be sure to check out the

El Dorado bar. This is a traveler’s hangout.

Oasis Express
Address: CJIA 
Telephone: 261 3016 / 2269916 

Oasis Express is located in the upper Departures concourse of CJIA. This outlet specialises in pastries,

sandwiches and coffee, milk shakes and smoothies. It also offer cold beverages and confectioneries.

So if you feel the need for that special coffee and pastry or sandwich to go along with it, stop at Oasis Express.