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Destination Guyana

‘Destination Guyana’ is a paradise for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and the Eco-tourist alike. We boast an irresistible combination of fascinating and breathtaking natural beauty; pristine Amazonian rainforests; immense waterfalls;, amazing wildlife; blended with a vibrant indigenous culture, rich heritage and the most hospitable and friendly people in the world.

2014 holds a lot of optimism for our tourism sector as we seek to make ‘Guyana – the Amazon Adventure’, the destination of choice.
If you are looking for a one of a kind destination full of adventure, hospitality and unique experiences, then ‘Guyana – the Amazon Adventure’ is the place to come!!!


A truly memorable , unforgettable and out-of-the-ordinary experience awaits you.

Come  explore, experience and enjoy!!

Sir Walter Raleigh came to this famous land in search of the fabled "City of Gold"

Guyana's tepui inspired Conan Doyle's "The Lost World"


Guyana is an amazing blend of the Caribbean and South America. The name Guyana is an Amerindian word meaning "Land of Many Waters". Guyana offers a distinct tourism product, consisting of vast open spaces, savannahs, pristine rainforests, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, bountiful wildlife, numerous species of flora, a variety of fauna, spectacular birdlife and most of all the hospitality of the Guyanese people.
Our beautiful country is a tropical paradise and has much to offer; adventure, tranquility, history, beauty, nature and an inimitable blend of warm and friendly people with the richness of many cultures. 
Guyana is divided into three counties; Essequibo, Demerara and Berbice and have four geographical regions;  the interior savannahs, the highland region, the hilly sand and clay area and the low coastal plain. 
Guyana is made up of ten administrative regions; Region 1 - Barima Waini, Region 2 - Pomeroon-Supenaam, Region 3 - Essequibo Islands-West Demerara, Region 4 - Demerara- Mahaica, Region 5 Mahaica-Berbice, Region 6 - East Berbice - Corentyne, Region 7 - Cuyuni-Mazaruni, Region 8 - Potaro-Siparuni, Region 9 - Upper Takutu- Upper Essequibo and Region 10 - Upper Demerara-Upper Berbice. 
Our interior is an eco tourist's dream with multitude of immense and striking waterfalls, creeks and rivers; virgin rainforest; an abundance of wildlife that includes more than 800 species of birds and over 1000 tree species in its savannahs.
You can always feel the Guyanese rhythm in the country side. Most of our people live and dwell along the coast which is a strip of land lying six feet below the level of the Atlantic. Farming and fishing is the main source of income amongst many Guyanese living on the coastal belt.
Georgetown the Capital of Guyana is a garden by itself with its flora and fauna blended nicely together; more than 200 species of birds can be found in the capital alone; gardens, parks, zoo, museums and an array of historical buildings including the St Georges Cathedral purportedly the tallest wooden building in the world.